Showreel - Deodatus Utomo

Deodatus Utomo adalah Founder dan Executive Producer di Bithour Production yang memulai karirnya selama kurang lebih 5 tahun. Dia memulai karirnya di Bithour Production untuk membantu para brand dan musisi mengembangkan kreatifitas yang dapat menjual ke masyarakat. Karya Deodatus terbilang sangat beragam karena dia telah mengerjakan short-film, music video, motion grafis, bahkan animasi. Kini Bithour Production masuk ke dalam #3 Agensi Periklanan Tercepat di Jakarta.

bithour production

Showreel - Wisnu Surya Pratama

Wisnu Surya Pratama have been working in the industry for 15 years. He produced and directed documentaries, short fiction, PSA, commercials, TV programs and web series. His documentaries and short fictions were screen in many international film festivals.

Showreel - Kevin Christian

Kevin Christian adalah seorang sutradara video yang telah bekerja sama dengan berbagai jenis klien, mulai dari pangan, teknologi, musisi, edukasi, kesehatan, dan lainnya. Sebagai seorang sutradara, Kevin, atau yang lebih akrab dipanggil Kace, selalu berusaha untuk membuat video yang berbeda, unik, dan menarik.

Showreel - Kenny Gulardi

Saya kenny gulardi, saya adalah seorang penulis dan sutradara. Saya sudah bergelut di dunia audio visual dari bangku SMK. Saya fresh graduate salah satu kampus film di Indonesia yaitu Institut Kesenian Jakarta. Ketika berkuliah, saya membuat beberapa film pendek yang sudah masuk festival film nasional dan internasional. Sekarang saya bekerja sebagai penulis dan sutradara freelance. Project terakhir saya adalah web series berjudul : "gue harus move on " yang bisa di saksikan di chanel youtube pimp pictures

Showreel - Andri Setiawan

Director of Photography

Showreel - Crisna Evan Jaya

Narrative filmmakers who observe the genre and encourage creatives to pursue your brand identity and brand engagement through web series, TVC and music videos.

Showreel - Vici P Simanjuntak

A Director that always came up with fresh idea to fulfill client’s need. Link : For Check Portfolio

Showreel - Hariz Soe'oed

Hariz is a self taught video director who got his experience working for various e-commerce on his early career while working on some indie film making project son his spare time. He is an avid TV Series enthusiast and aspired to be showrunner for his own TV Show one day.

Showreel - Handre Sastrosoegito

Film Director, Producer, Screenwriter

Showreel - Adhyatmika

Adhyatmika was graduated from Lasalle College of The Arts, Singapore. He attended Special Training Program at New York University’s Tisch School for the Arts and UNESCO’s DMZ Film Camp in South Korea. He was awarded the prestigious 'Outstanding Youth' by the Ministry of Education and Culture of Indonesia in 2011. With 10 years' worth of experience in the industry, he’s experienced in film & commercial production in South East Asia. Where he previously worked at Singapore & Jakarta based media company Currently brewing ideas for eager collaborator who’s interested in stories, audience engagement, and having a good time. Mika is reachable through or @mikasipandaacak in social media near you.

Showreel - Harvan Agustriansyah

Harvan Agustriansyah belajar penyutradaraan film di Institut Kesenian Jakarta. Ia terlibat di banyak produksi film panjang Indonesia sebagai asissten sutradara. Sebagai sutradara, Harvan juga mengerjakan commercial advertisement untuk platform digital, televisi dan corporate. Sampai saat ini Harvan telah memproduseri, menulis skenario dan menyutradarai beberapa film pendek yang telah berpartisipasi di festival nasional dan internasional.

Showreel - Reza Iswahyudi Rusdi

Young filmmaker who really like about storytelling, really love a challenge, and would love to try new things in every work.

Showreel - Muhammad Angga Putranda

Film maker

Showreel - Nadya Ratu Santoso

Experienced in Creative and Director for video commercials for 5 years and has worked on projects for more than 80 different brands. Interested in beauty videos, storytelling and colorful videos with dynamic camera movement.

Showreel - Reza ell Fardian

Film Director

Showreel - Jimmy Singh

Hard working and friendly , A team player

Showreel - Samuel Rustandi

I am filmmaker based on Jakarta. An ironical Storyteller I enjoy making concept, thinking critically and creatively and find ideas to solve problems. I am a deep thinker, diplomatic and adaptable, can endure at any situation, able to work in team, highly committed.

Showreel - M Rizal Hanun

Muhammad Rizal Hanun, born in Surabaya (7 December 1998), is a scriptwritter and film director graduated from Film Faculty and Television, Jakarta Institute of the Arts. He believes that film is an extraordinary medium to learn and understanding himself. For him, filmmaking is a journey.

Showreel - I kadek dewa surya gemilang

Surya Gemilang Proudly Present.

Showreel - Iwan Abrory

TVC Film Director

Showreel - Muhammad Reza Syadrie

Works as a Creative & Director for commercial video productions, based in Jakarta, Indonesia

Showreel - Leon Ruben Adrian

With 16 years in Audio Visual, Leon Ruben is Creative and Dynamic Director in every single project. Discuss, collaboration and communication is always the key for him in the process of Production and shot. With every deep value in his work, Leon become most interested Director in Indonesia. His feature film gonna rilis in end 2021, with the title "SPIRITED".

Showreel - Iqbal Ariefurrahman

Seorang sutradara amatir, yang selalu menganggap amatir dirinya karena dengan amatir selalu akan terus berusaha dan belajar untuk menciptakan sesuatu hal yang biasa menjadi luar biasa. Semangat amatir sejatinya adalah semangat yang terbaik.

Showreel - Stephen Yeow

With his background as a Creative Head in an international agency, Stephen left to contribute his sense of creativity from a different angle. In the last 20 years, he has touched virtually every kind of products with his never ending effort to push the level of its creativity. Broadly Stephen’s style could be described as very much people orientated. He is a very accomplished storyteller and seems to be able to get below the surface of the script to release its emotional and human values. Without doubt, Stephen is sought out for the maturity, wit and insight he always brings to his film.

Showreel - Andri Firmansyah

Andri Firmansyah is a professional young director from Jakarta who has a lot of experience to handle several projects he has done such as TVC (Digital Ads), Fillers, Company Profile (Corporate Video), Music Video, Web Series, Short Film and Feature Film. Andri also studying at the Jakarta Arts Institute, Faculty of Film and Television. He received a full scholarship for this lecture from the Ministry of Education and Culture of the Republic of Indonesia. One of his films, entitled "Burung Yang Tak Kau Hendaki Berkicau" was chosen to be a nominee in Seashorts Film Festival (Malaysia), Nigeria International Film Festival & Hainan Island International Film Festival (China).